Carnaval Sztukmistrzów ...

  … and Urban Highline Festival took place at the 25th-28th July in Lublin.

4 days full of spectacular performances, illusionist shows, juggling tricks, breathtaking play with fire and similar attractions attracted a lot of tourists who came to Lublin for the Carnaval Sztukmistrzów. The magicians could be found in the centre of the city and their performances were based on a humorous and brilliant interaction with the crowded audience (regardless of age).

Guests from many countries visited Lublin this year. During Carnaval, they presented their show among others: Imre Bernath known as Social Salto (Hungary), Ale Risorio (Spain, Italy), Marcos Masetti (Argentina) and outstanding Polish buskeepers, such as Pan Pedrro, Mc Fire, Pan Ząbek or Piotr Denisiuk. There were also musical elements which were performing e.g. by Bucket Guys, The Chefs Orchestra and The Zap Show.

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The lack of attractions could not be complained about lifting the head from the sky. For the 11th time the Urban Highline Festival caught the attention of tourists. Highliners from all over the world came to Lublin to present their skills at heights. A lot of youngest viewers were enjoying by the soap bubbles floating in the sun above the Plac Litewski in Lublin, too.

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