Chmielaki 2018

We are past the 48th edition of the largest beer festival of Poland. Chmielaki Krasnostawskie 2018 welcomed us with a beautiful weather and wonderfully cool beer. The golden drink’s enthusiasts could select from over 400 different beer samples. Although the recent years saw new craft beer fairs, exhibitions and festivals grow like mushrooms after rain, Chmielaki’s trademark and traditions are still a cut above other such events in Poland. For over a dozen years Chmielaki have been hosting not only the largest Polish procuders and importers of beer, but also numerous local breweries, for whom the festival is a marketing slingshot of sorts.
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Although we were saddened to see some of these usually familial breweries leave the festival in the past few seasons, fortunately the nature abhors the vacuum and so do Chmielaki. Two debutants from Podkarpackie Voivodeship – Browar Stalove and Browar Lasowiak – garnered a lot of interest. Samki Earl Grey and Peach from the latter one had an exceptionally appealing taste that we will remember for a long time.
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Concerts There is no such thing as a festival without music, therefore the organizers invited some known artists that gathered massive crowds in the evenings. The Friday night’s uncontested star was the band Łąki Łan.
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