The Jagiellonian Fair 2018

At 17th-19th August in Lublin took place Jagiellonian Fair. The main theme this year edition was lace. In the old town we could see Handicraft Fair, which took part cfaftsmen from Poland and a lot of other country like (e. g.) Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus and their hand-made wicker baskets, straw hats, clay pots or jewellery. Food: We could eat like about bread made with natural sourdough, gingerbreads, honey and a lots of other. Workshops: Workshops were very interested. A lots of adults and kids was interested to learn how to do teneriffe lace. They want to took part in wire ornaments workshop or traditional wheel pottery workshop. Exhibitions: In a lots of places in Lublin we could watch exhibitions. Like about in The Hartwig Alley was exhibitions of photo of Juliusz Dutkiewicz – photographer from Kolomyia. In the Cracow Gate was art instalation which presented spider chandelier. In Lublin Castle Museum we could see exhibitions which name was: „When the saints smile” The Jagiellonian Fair Playground It was a space for actively spending time. In this place adults could relax when their children could play and getting to know traditional pattern and paint with paints, play in huge puzzle block or try to say tongue-twister. Gallery:
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