Kraśnik Blues Meeting

At 29th-30th June in Dzierzkowice took place the 9th edition of Kraśnik Blues Meeting Festival. It was a great fest of blues and rock music.

29th June:

First day of this event started about song contest “The children are singing blues” which won Kalina Szubartowska, Michał Jabłoński and Amelia Bakalarz. Next, at 7 p.m. on the stage performed Pawkin – a band from Lublin and Kraśnik. They sang their own songs and a bit covers from Kidnaper’s band.

After Pawkin, on the stage appear Gang Olsena. It is a Polish blues band who has a lot of energy! And this energy very fast came to the audience. They sang their the most famous songs like “Aldona”.

About a 10 p.m. it was time for the most awaited concert this day. On the stage we could see Dżem band. Dżem is a Polish blues and rock band. This band’s name comes from English word jam (session) which has the same pronunciation as the Polish word “dżem”, which means “jam” in the sense of a fruit preserve. This band created great music show. It was a lot of moving moments but also great fun. They sang their fantastic songs like “Sen o Victorii”, “Harley mój” or “Wehikuł czasu”.

At the end of the first day of Kraśnik Blues Meeting on the stage performed Dr Gree from Lublin. It was very funny and full of rock’n’roll concert!

30th June:

Second day started of Motorcycle’s Rally by SZARŻA Krasnik. Next, on the stage took place song contest for bands which were qualified to fight of Grand Prix Kraśnik Blues Meeting Festival. This contest won Black Job – a band from Cracow with really charismatic singer Liwia Limberger.

About an 8 p.m. on the stage performed the duo Manfredi&Johnson who were the winners of the previous Kraśnik Blues Meeting. Next we saw Sławek Wierzcholski and Nocna Zmiana Bluesa who performed great blues’ show.

The biggest star of second day in this Festival were Lombard band. They are also a legendary Polish rock band. Lombard created really close climatic concert.

At the end on the stage presented SO3 band.

Gallery of Kraśnik Blues Meeting 2018:


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