Lublin Jazz Festival

Lublin Jazz Festival came to end. 22th April was the last day of this event and it was so varied of music emotions.


First on the stage performed Kuba Wiecek Trio – young, talented jazzmen. They played their “Another Raindrop” tunes. Kuba is an unusual and interesting stage personality with a lot of calm. Controlled nonchalance on the stage with sounds resounding in the Spectacular Hall of the Culture Centre were an accurate saxophonist’s musical vision. Kuba drew his music inspiration from everything around. The young jazz musician combined elements of electronic and alternative music with European classical and folklore. Jazzmen had applause from the audience and played as an encore.
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Next musical fest ensured Marc Ribot in the Ceramic Dog Project. Well-known jazzman with Shahzad Ismaily (bass) and Ches Smith (drums) offered the power of jazz-rock energy sound in a crowded hall. The existence of drums, electrifying guitar and bass sounds as well as elements of electronics were in common with peace and sensitivity. The show of instrumentalists and the song parts moved the audience. This concert also featured moments conducive to dance. From the stage was struck the certainty of improvisation, mastery and absolutly musical perfection. The audience awarded Marc Ribot’s show with standing ovations. Of course, Ceramic Dog came back on the stage and played as an encore.
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Stage tornado, stage smoke and fire – all of these was at Sunday evening on the stage of Festival Club in Cultural Centre in Lublin. Ottone Pesante is the trio of Italian jazz musicians combined with heavy metal sounds. They gave everyone there an unearthly dose of musical adrenaline. The energy that spreads out on the stage, reflected in the movements of the artists, play of lights, use of props (burning candles, the skull of the goat) was certainly something that is not every day. Sharp, penetrating head and walls sound combined with dark lights and heavy décor of Lublin Culture Centre cellars was an ideal place for this type of music experience. The audience had free space to had a lot of fun with the rhythm of heavy metal sounds. Dance, jumps, attempt to pogo and double encore – that is rhe best summary of this concert.
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10th edition od Lublin Jazz Festival was great. Eight evenings with combinations of jazz music was very surprising. All of jazz lovers could find something for themselves here. Everyday we could enjoy jazz sounds which was performing by Polish jazzmen and foreign music scenes. All the bands which performed at the Cultural Centre in Lublin and in the “Jazz in the city” series presented their own style. It was proving that there are no borders in music. The success of this year’s edition is also confirmed by the high attendance at all concerts. Who knows what will the organizers surprise us at next year edition of Lublin Jazz Festival…  
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