Off-Festival 2017 - relacja

OFF Festival’s 11th edition has finished.

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The first weekend of every August is a time when the entire City of Music lives with exceptional intensity. In this period Three Ponds’ Valley in Katowice changes into a melting pot, in which all languages of Europe can be heard.

OFF is a one-of-a-kind event in European scale. Thanks to its history, the festival is a permanent entry in calendar of alternative music events.

It’s easy to feel yourself a part of something bigger there. Once their time on the stage is over, the artists will go down to the crowds to clap and have fun together with you and the next ones in line.

As far as the musical program is concerned, it was leftfield as always. Over 70 concerts took place across three days on OFF’s four different stages.

For some of the younger performers it was their first concert on such a huge stage, yet they passed the exam with far from mediocre grades.

On the other hand, artists such as Bitamina and Bluszcz brought their own dedicated fanbase to have fun the festival. Other notable artists, such as Lor, PJ Harvey, Janka Nabay and Batushki turned the heat up and boiled the audience.

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Dla takich zespołów jak Lor, których muzyka wprost hipnotyzuje można było przyjechać i nie mieć poczucia, że stanowi to przedsmak czy dodatek do koncertów takich tuzów jak PJ Harvey.

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Anything other than the concerts? Same as always. Above all else – tons of quality fun. Markets with vinyls and T-shits for sale, foodtrucks with original food, cool beer and barbers. Fans of books could entrench themselves in the reading room, while the children had a playground on their disposal. There’s also something for movie devotees – an open air cinema with deckchairs, specifically prepared for tired guests.

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