Olsztyn Craft Beers Festival 2018

Olsztyn Crafts Beer Festival was immensely popular last year, despite it being only its second edition. We can confidently state that it is now a permanent position in calendar of Warmia/Mazury’s major cultural events. The organizers hit the jackpot moving its location to the beachside. The weekend of 7th and 8th September was a great time for the region’s citizens to enjoy the golden drink, attend the festival’s numerous concerts and relax in the natural landscape with their friends.
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Even though the alcohol exhibition consisted only of a little over a dozen independent breweries and one cider producer (Smykan), the quality and variety of their products was superb. We were pleasantly surprised by the newcomers to the craft beer community, especially Browar Incognito and their Black IPA. There was no shortage of bigger names either: Browar Amber, De Facto, Perun, Browar Bytów, Beer Bros, Browar Za Miastem, Browaru Warmia and Ukiel. The organizers delivered on their promise of a variety of additional attractions. Friday evening was graced by concerts of Warmiński Rap and Mademoiselle Carmel, as well as a show prepared by Fire Theatre. The following day we witnessed “Beer Mile” Race, lectures and demonstrations on brewing and two additional concerts by Majestic and Lonely Tree Soundsystem.
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We (and pretty much the entire crowd) were especially impressed by Mademoiselle Carmel. The female vocalist kept a lively contact with the public and showered the people with unbounded energy and enthusiasm. Also noteworthy was a group of female dancers that showed their skills off right before said concert.
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The fire dance also received a lot of attention. The group of jugglers from Fire Theatre literally heated the evening up with firebreathing and dancing with poi, burning chains and sticks, fans and fiberglass. All framed with great music and shocked faces of the crowd. Long story short – Olsztyn Craft Beers Festival is something we hope to visit every year from now on. Its chilled atmosphere, wonderful people and delicious beer deserve our full recommendation. We can’t wait for the next edition!  
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