Bojan Krstić's Orchestra

Bojan Krstić’s Orchestra has over two decades worth of history behind it – since 1995 to be exact, thanks to the talented musician whose own name did not appear on the band’s name by accident. It all began in a small town in southern Serbia – Vladičin Han. One day the men made a simple decision to buy trumpets and play together, and ever since then they have rarely achieved anything short of a success, winning numerous competitions and touring on world-famous festivals. Currently the orchestra numbers 11 members.

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In 1995 to 2003 the group focused on rivalry with other teenage orchestras for the prestige. Their first performance was during Vlasinsko Leto, but only a few years later they went on to play on Guča – the mecca of Balkan music. Merely two years after founding – in 1997 – Bojan Krstić Orkestar won the title of the best youth orchestra on Vlasinsko Leto. They have repeated this in 1999 and 2000. The next and final such award came on Guča in 2003, in addition to numerous extra awards for young trumpeters being given to Krsitić himself around that time. But the musicians have still defeated their competition on numerous occasions as adults. Further awards on Guča include the best played song (2007, 2009, 2010) and 2nd best orchestra (2008, 2012, 2013, 2014). The two best moments in their career were Golden Trumpet for Krsitić in 2015 (Guča) and the orchestra’s ultimate victory in 2017 (Guča’s 57th edition). And all that was alongside numerous major victories during Vlasinsko Leto across the years.

The aforementioned awards are just the few most important in the band’s history. Needless to say, the charismatic orchestra from Vladičin Han enjoys the wide acclaim. As for Bojan himself, he was born in 1982, has been playing on trumpets since he was six years old and founded his orchestra when he was merely 13. The biggest proof that he has his talent in the blood is his own son – Luke – who learned the art of trumpet even before his first step in elementary school.

Presently, this 11-man collective belong to the most well-known, award-winning orchestras in the world. Their most notable gigs on Siget Festival and Exit Festival are supplemented by a series of appearances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia and Croatia. By touring abroad, Bojan Krstić and his friends bring a part of Balkans to their international fans. They also actively promote Romanian culture and do not shy away from documentaries on the topic. On their concerts one can feel the unrepeatable atmosphere filled with energy. As the musicians admit, they use trumpets to reach the hears of the audience. On the last day of August 2018, they will appear in front of Polish public for the first time in history.

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