Queen Symphony in Lublin

“Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Somebody to love”, “Don’t stop me now”, “We are the Champions”, “I want it all” and other songs from Queen band in the symphonic way we could hear at the 15th December in Meetings of Cultures in Lublin. Queen in the Symphonic way is the project created by Alla Vienna Orchestra since 2011. Concert in Lublin had two parts. At first we saw musicians in the elegant way, at the second – in more loosely and rock atmosphere. Jan Niedźwiecki who played on the double bass (and then on the guitar) and was a host of this event in the every break caused the audience burst into laughter. Special symphonic tones which resound in the full hall created wonderful climate. People transfixed by the sounds and with pleasure joined to the fun when the orchestra give a sign. After 15 minutes break we saw musicians in the more comfortable clothes and the tracks they played had more rock nature. In this part on the stage appeared Freddie Mercury – Mateusz Machalski performed on this role. Then we heard e.g.: „Somebody to love”, „We are the Champions” and “I want to break free”. The most magical moment in this concert was when the audience took their phones on their hands and turned on the flashlights.
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“Queen in the Symphonic way” concert ended in Lublin by the double encore and with the standing ovations. Those who were not here tonight, may regret!
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