The Bulgarian Voices at Pannonica Festival

The astonishing performance of The Bulgarian Voices left the audience of Pannonica Festival shook. The concert definitely lived up to the fans’ expectations and encouraged those unfamiliar with the choir to further explore their music.

No one who has ever come across the music of the Angelite choir is able to renounce their fascination with its sound. Initially solely known in the West, Bulgarian Voices set off to conquer the world after the fall of the Iron Curtain. In 1993 (and again a year later) the band was nominated for a Grammy Award. The choir performed at the Nobel Peace Prize gala in Oslo in 1996 along with Jan Tannerbark and at the Red Square in Moscow on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the city’s founding. They have given concerts all over the world, from the Vatican to Japan, even including Mexico or India.

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The Bulgarian Voices could boast about their dedicated spread in The New York Times. In 2003 Phil Collins composed the song Transformation for the Angelite choir, which became the theme track of the Disney production Brother Bear. Bulgarian Voices Angelite, a women’s choir, presents an unusual musical program, in which traditional, almost ancient folklore is being mixed with modernity. The diverse programme of the concerts shows off the exceptional vocal abilities of 20 female singers – accompanied with an unusual polyphonic instrument in the form of voices of choristers and soloists, who continue the famous, centuries-old tradition of the Bulgarian singing art. Angelite’s ancient, folk and at the same time postmodern sound enlightens us how the human voice is the most powerful, most versatile instrument ever created. Without unnecessary garnish, free of cultural and linguistic barriers, the ensemble’s performances provide one of the most unique and fascinating experiences in the world of modern contemporary music.

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