Concert of Toto band in Kraków

 Tauron Arena, February 28th, 2018

On February 28th, 2018 in Kraków Tauron Arena we were witnesses to an unusual event – concert of Toto band, part of their tour celebrating the band’s 40th birthday and promoting their brand new album. Their performance was preceded by similar concerts in Germany and Czech Republic, so we knew what to expect in Kraków. But feeling the power and magic of their music in person is completely different from watching video footage.

The band showed up on stage puncually and with impetus. After a short intro and the first composition – Alone – they delighted the public by playing Hold The Line.

The concert developed in a proper pace. The list of compositions was arranged to grow and maintain the tension. Breaks between songs were very short, as if the band did not want to let their audience rest. One could feel professionalism in every vibration of strings, note of guitar riffs, impact of drumsticks and syllabe of vocals. Plus the band’s trademark choirs, beloved by their fans. Furthermore the band played extra drum, vocal and guitar solos in between the proper songs.

A friendly chit-chat with a few jokes and anecdotes thrown in was a gateway into yet another, even more energetic part of the concert that begun with Rosanna. In time the atmosphere thickened. The spectacors listened to Steve Lukather’s guitar virtuoseries like hypnotised, bobbing their heads or tapping to the rhythm, carried away by the music.

This would not have been a Toto concert without Africa. Toto took us by surprise with its jazz arrangement, expanded percussion solo and a wild guitar rant. It made everyone forget that the concert is about to come to an end. The one last song with a meaninful title The Road Goes On resounded as a goodbye. A standing ovation ended this unforgettable concert of the cult band that resisted the flow of changing trends and fashions, earning a place in hearts of its multigenerational fandom.

The band took us for a journey across 40 years on stage, injecting elements of jazz into rock and pop. In this age of special effects, what dominated was music itself, supported mostly by clever lighting manipulation. Each new composition created an overwhelming wall of sound, filled with lighthearted energy that defines the band’s music.

The musicians struck up a laidback, comradely relationship with the public, dragging them into their carefully screenplayed show and receiving enthusiastic reactions in return. Having fun together with their audience, they spliced fragments of different songs, blending music genres on the fly. Meeting their Polish fans again was evidently an important event for the musicians. This concert was a proof of the band’s cult status for anyone who has seen it live, as well as worth of waiting for their next appearance.


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