Great Dragon Parade

Great Dragon Parade

Rynek Główny, Kraków Małopolskie
Date(s) - 04/06/2022
22:00 - 23:00

Rynek Główny

Great Dragon Parade is coming back to Krakow!

Ladies and Gentelmen, Dragon Freaks and Lovers!

We are happy to announce that one of the biggest and greatest parades in the whole world is coming back to Kraków! Great Dragon Parade, which celebrates it’s twentieth birthday this year, will be held in the second part of summer holidays.

Last year’s edition was cancelled due to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, but now this event is back in a big way! Have you ever seen a dragon? Well, now you can get to see them close-up! We will witness amazingly colorful show, made by real-life dragons flying over the Vistula River.

This event is an unforgettable experience both for children and their parents. We assure that you won’t regret visiting Kraków and attending the Great Dragon Parade. How many cities can boast about having a dragon flying over the city centre?

Who is a legendary creature living at the foot of the Wawel Castle and guarding the Old Krak castle? The Wawel Dragon of course! Although said to be horrible, he is adored by children who will celebrate their holiday during the Great Dragon Parade. They will certainly not be bored, celebrating in good (and scaly) company.

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The legend of the Wawel Dragon

But why dragons? One of the most popular Kraków’s legends tells about a dreadful dragon that used to live under the Wawel Hill and terrorized the city. The inhabitants of Kraków had to feed the beast by giving to it  offerings of cattle and their virgin daughters. Many knights tried to kill the monster, but all of them died burned by dragon’s flames. And finally… It was Skuba, the shoemaker, who outsmarted the dragon by giving to it fake sheep stuffed with sulphur. Having eaten the sheep, dragon felt pain and burning in the throat and started drinking water from the Vistula river. The dragon couldn’t quench the thirst and kept drinking, swelling from the excess of water. And then, suddenly… It exploded, bursting into milion pieces! Skuba was properly rewarded and inhabitants of Kraków lived happily ever after.

Celebrations during Great Dragon Parade

Now the legend came back to life! Groteska Theatre’s actors used this story to show their reinterpetation of the dragons in amazing spectacle on Vistula River. Enormously big puppets, loud music and fireworks display attract many tourists since the year 2000.

The most spectacular celebration will take place after nightfall – multiple gigantic (up to 25 meters tall) swimming and floating dragons will be moved across Vistula river, near Wawel Castle, with help of barges, ships and jet skis. All with impressive musical and lighting accompaniment, including fireworks and laser lights, which along with massive crowds of viewers give this spectacle unforgettable expressive power.

Another key part of this event is Great Parade of Dragons, which takes place in the antique Kraków center. A score of dragons designed and made by the march’s participants (mostly children and youth) will compete for the grand prize for the prettiest and most ingenious dragon. All with side performances by dancers, musicians and jugglers.

Join Great Dragon Parade and see for yourself!


Kraków, Parada Smoków
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