"Śląsk" on OFF-Festival Katowice 2019

When we got the news that the next OFF will host Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble, we thought the organizers got a little too experimental. Do the worlds of folk and alternative music even have anything in common?

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But we quickly found out just how mistaken we were, when we were watching with increasing bewilderment how crowds of people started gathering under the stage even before the concert began. Zespół Pieśni i Tańca’s concert turned out to be the best possible move on OFF Festival’s part. We think the only act that exceeded the size of audience in 2019 OFF edition were the top headliners Foals.

“Śląsk”‘s concert was a real treat! We have witnessed not only a perfect musical and dance performance, but the best that the culture of this region can offer, delivered with a massive dose of positive energy. No wonder that the applause they received after each performed song had no match in this year’s OFF Festival’s edition.


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