Ana Moura after concert

A few moments after the concert which Ana performed during the Siesta Festival, the singer gave us a short interview.

Fun in Poland: Did you enjoy the show? Because we loved it.
Ana: Oh, thank you so much, I really had a good time. The audience was amazing.

Last year you gave two concerts in Poland. Do you like performing here and why?
– I love it because I can feel that people really feel related with our music. Every time we come here
people are so sweet to us, like you saw. That’s why I always love to come back to Poland.

– In the past you were invited to sing together with Rolling Stones and Prince. Did those
concerts have any impact on your identity or style of music?
– They influenced my music and obviously the musical experiences that I had with both of them inspired
me to do different things with my music.

– Is there any other musician you have not performed together with, but would really love to?
– Many, but I don’t know… Stevie Wonder? It’s one of the artists I’d love to.

– In recent times Lisbon has become a capital city of music. It became home of not just young
and ambitious artists from Portugese-speaking countries, but even world-famous superstars
such as Madonna. How did this come to be?
– I think people like the beauty of Lisbon and also the fact that it is a very safe city. Nowadays safeness
is very difficult to have in this crazy world. Lisbon also has good food and nice people.

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– Which personalities (musicians, organizers, etc.) do you think contributed the most to
Lisbon’s musical growth?
I think it’s mostly the artists, but also Luis Montez, for instance. He’s a very big agent in Portugal. He loves
even the youngest singers and musicians, he’s always looking for new things and he has a lot of festivals
in Lisbon.

– Similarly, fado along with other genres hailing from Lusophone world has enjoyed growing
popularity across Europe and the world. What do you think are the most attractive points of this
kind of music?
– I think it’s because it’s a music that comes from the soul and even people who don’t understand the
lyrics can feel related to it. I think it’s the most important characteristic that makes people love it so much,
because the soul can transform people’s feelings.

– What are your favorite free time activities?
– I love to be with my family because it’s very rare, especially my two kids. Besides I love to swim and

– In that case we wish you a very safe trip back to Portugal so you can see your family.
– Thank you so much!

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