Feta Festival in Gdansk

Feta Festiwal

The new season is coming with Feta. The Festival of Beer, Wine, and Cheese starring! This time, festival flavors will conquer the palates not only of Wrocław’s residents but also […]


“❄️ Your favorite northern convent is back in a completely new version! ❄️ On the last weekend of February, we invite everyone to the next edition of Remcon! We are […]

Mystic Festival

Mystic Festival 2024 First of all, just like during the previous edition, Mystic Festival will take place at the Gdańsk Shipyard on June 5-8, 2024. From bloody death metal to […]

Saint Dominic’s Fair

Saint Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk This event will take place at the 27th July – 18th August in Gdansk. St. Dominic’s Fair is the largest open-air trade and cultural event […]

Siesta Festival

Siesta Festival is one of the very few festivals of its kind in Poland – the ones that promote “world music”. It is inextricably linked with the radio program of […]


LUCIBELA Wieczór Kabowerdyjski na Siesta Festival This will be her return to the stage of the Gdańsk Philharmonic. To say that she is perhaps the closest to the legendary Cesaria […]


Davy SICARD – Siesta Festival 2023 Davy Sicard will perform at the Parliament club to say goodbye to this year’s Siesta. Davy has been our good stranger from a distant […]

Siesta 2021

Gdańsk Lotos Siesta Festival 2021 “We simply deserved this concert and festival” – with these words (paraphrasing the former Polish prime minister) the lead organizer Marcin Kydryński opened the next […]

Siesta Festival 2019

Siesta Festival – 2019 Kandace Springs Can a single composition contain soul, jazz, pianists of 19th century romanticism and … hard rock? Yes, as evidenced by Kandace Springs, whose concert […]

Ana Moura on Siesta Festival

While we don’t know why someone would voluntarily make bruises on their hands or peel off the epidermis on them, we are certain that attending Ana Moura’s concert would be […]