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Pawkin in Club30! Pawkin band performed in Club30 in Lublin at the 29th February! It started with “Rosie” song, then the band played their original songs like “Nas już nie ma” or “To jest miłość” and some blues tracks. There was a cozy atmosphere during

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“HOMO VIATOR” At the 15th December in Lublin took place special concert by Vestige band! They played songs from their new full album called “Homo Viator”. At 7 p.m. in Lublin on the stage appeared Vestige band. Łukasz Kukiełka, Mikołaj Kołodziejczyk, Damian Biszkont and Sebastian

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Symphonica 2 in Lublin!

SYMPHONICA 2 & MICHAŁ SZPAK IN LUBLIN “Highway to Hell”, “Nothing Else Matters” or “Sweet Child O’Mine” you could hear at the 6th December in Meetings of Cultures in Lublin at the Symphonica’s concert. On the stage were performing Damiana Ukeje, Monika Pilarczyk, Michał Gasz

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Falkon 2019

FALKON 2.0 It was a weekend full of fantastic experiences! At the 8th-10th November in Lublin took place Falkon Festival. The main theme of this year’s edition was future and cyberpunk. Thousands of fantasy lovers came to Lublin waiting for the meeting with athorities, workshops

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Rawa Blues Festival 2019 – report

39. Rawa Blues Festiwal Linday Beaver and Hannah Wicklund fastened the proverbial buckle on Rawa Blues music festival in Katowice. The former began the series of final day concerts of stars, while the latter finished it with a powerful, rock-like accent. The Canadian percussionist and

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Mrozu Aura Tour Lublin


AURA TOUR IN Lublin! At the 10th October in Klub30 in Lublin took place first concert from the „Aura Tour” by MROZU. At first on the stage appeared Mateusz Mikłasz with his MProjekt band. They played some songs from their new album and some covers

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The Bulgarian Voices

The Bulgarian Voices at Pannonica Festival The astonishing performance of The Bulgarian Voices left the audience of Pannonica Festival shook. The concert definitely lived up to the fans’ expectations and encouraged those unfamiliar with the choir to further explore their music. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3110″ gal_title=”Bulgarian_Voice_2019″] No

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Shannon’s 25th anniversary

Shannon is 25 years old! 25th anniversary of Shannon in Olsztyn Shannon band celebrated their 25th anniversary by giving a concert on 9th August in Czesław Niemen Amphitheatre in Olsztyn. The musicians took the gathered guests on a wonderful journey through Celtic folk sounds that

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