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Siesta 2021

Gdańsk Lotos Siesta Festival 2021 “We simply deserved this concert and festival” – with these words (paraphrasing the former Polish prime minister) the lead organizer Marcin Kydryński opened the next edition of Siesta Festival.   Lucia de Carvalho Festiwal po raz drugi wystartował w Starym

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BeerWeek Festival 2021

BeerWeek Festival 2021 On the last weekend of August in Kraków took place the 6th edition of BeerWeek Festival. After an over year long break caused by the pandemic, the stadium of Cracovia football club has once again hosted the meeting of craft beer brewers

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Ostróda Reggae Festival 2021

Ostróda Reggae Festival 2021 – Report Ostróda Reggae Festival has always managed to bring its dedicated fanbase together. It was no different this year. And it might be no exaggeration to say that it now consists of four generations of people. The COVID pandemic that

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Yellow Umbrella

Interview with Yellow Umbrella

During this edition of Ostroda Reggae Festival (9-11 July 2011) a FunInPoland representative interviewed Jens Strohschnieder (vocal, keyboard) and Thomas Hellmich (trombone) from Yellow Umbrella – reggae/ska veterans from Dresden (east Germany). Here is an edited version of the conversation. How do you feel after

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Nigel Kennedy – Summer Jazz Festival Kraków 2021

Nigel Kennedy – “When I am 64” summer tour Summer Jazz Festival Kraków – concert in Kiev Center   Nigel Kennedy once again played in his favorite polish City – Kraków. This time his concert was one of the main parts of Summer Jazz Festival.

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10. Lotos Siesta Festival Gdańsk

10th edition of Lotos Siesta Festival Despite the unusual conditions of sanitary regime, the anniversary edition of Siesta Festival proceeded successfully. The organizers deserve all the accolades for preparing the festival of such a high level and bringing all the previously announced stars despite all

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Festival of Ceramics 2020

Report from Bolesławiec Festival of Ceramics 2020 Despite happening in the shadow of COVID-19 pandemic, Bolesławiec Festival of Ceramics has once again proved to be an exceptional event – not just by Lower Silesian standards, but on nationwide scale. While a lower attendance than that

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Pawkin in Club30! Pawkin band performed in Club30 in Lublin at the 29th February! It started with “Rosie” song, then the band played their original songs like “Nas już nie ma” or “To jest miłość” and some blues tracks. There was a cozy atmosphere during

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