Next edition of the East of Culture – Different Sounds will take place at the 6th-9th June in Lublin.

East of Culture – Different Sounds Festival presents music which is ambitious and explores new ideas and solutions. It is one of the most inspiring music events in Poland, which allows us to hear world-class stars and mind-blowing rising stars in the very centre of Lublin.

Different Sounds is more than just music. In its programme you can find e.g. screening of films made in Eastern Partnership countries, literature, contemporary art (poster exhibitions, street photography, design). The youngest audiences are invited to participate in Little Different Sounds

This Festival draws to Lublin the most interesting artists from such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia or Armenia.


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Lublin’s Night of Culture

Lublin’s Night of Culture 2023

The Night of Culture is a celebration of Lublin – a story about the city created by its inhabitants and friends. These are meetings of artists, animators, various cultural backgrounds and those who want to spend the evening together. And above all, it is an event full of cultural attractions. Participants face a difficult choice, because there are several hundred attractions to see, and time is limited. It’s only one night!

This summer!

The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Lublin’s Night of Culture will be City-sensitivity, which is supposed to make the participants “fall in love” for the first time or again in the spaces of the city they know well on a daily basis.

– The word “fall in love” is not used here accidentally. This year, the theme of the Night of Culture festival will be City-sensitivity. Lublin, because it is with this city that the event is indispensably connected, is primarily People, i.e. residents and friends of the city. This is a word that we, the inhabitants of Lublin, enter so often in various columns and tables, it is a word that most of us carry with us every day, printed in our personal documents. It’s so close. Closeness breeds tenderness. Tenderness is caring, it is a sign of love and sensitivity. Tonight we will try to show it in a special way. Welcome, attention! not only the inhabitants of Lublin, to look at the city warmly, with tenderness, to discover its imperfect beauty, not devoid of features and wrinkles. In this one night, Lublin completely changes its face, but it does not show off like a teenager. He is mature, beautiful, wise and has a lot to say – invites the director of Night of Culture Joanna Wawiórka-Kamieniecka from Workshops of Culture in Lublin.

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For more details: https://nockultury.pl/en.

Carnaval Conjurers

Carnaval Conjurers 2023

Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is the biggest festival of new circus and busking in Poland. At this festival, the audience can interact directly with this street and circus art. All event take place in Lublin’s streets and squares as well as inside circus tents. Artists will amaze you with their dexterity and creativity.

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Carnaval has also unique atmosphere which is creating by Urban Highline Festival. The highliners who walk above the heads of Carnaval’s attendees, come to Lublin from over 50 countries in the world. After 10 years of the festival, Lublin has become a mecca for slackliners and highliners, mostly owing to the innovative idea of hanging lines in the city centre.

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Falkon v.2.0

It was a weekend full of fantastic experiences! At the 8th-10th November in Lublin took place Falkon Festival.

The main theme of this year’s edition was future and cyberpunk. Thousands of fantasy lovers came to Lublin waiting for the meeting with athorities, workshops and lectures. At Falkon you could meet a lot of characters from your lovely films, anime or cartoons, for example.: Joker, Harley Quinn, John Wick, bandits from “La Casa de Papel” series and Rick and Morty!

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There was a lot of exhibitors’ stands where you can buy e.g. jewelry, home accessories, books and board games. Special place for yourselves had Star Wars fans because there were more than 5 thousands models of heroes and machines from this universe, posters and Star Wars Legion!

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At the main stage took place KOSplay competitions (the winner was Geralt by Blink’s Cos-Cave), concerts, theater’s improvisations, , LARPs, meeting with Grupa Filmowa Darwin and… gladiators’ fight!

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Now we can’t wait for next year’s edition of Falkon Festival!

The most interesting events in Poland on summer. Concerts, Festivals and outdoor events. Jazz, Rock, Reagge, Rap, Hip-Hop, Beer and traditional polish food.

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8th. Festival Wschody

WSCHODY Festival 2019

The 8th edition of the Wschody Festival took place at the 12th-14th April in Lublin.

First day of this event started as a women’s power. On the stage we could hear Wera Kijetski – last year’s winner of the Artistic Song Contest and Karolina Czarnecka as a main star of this day.

On the Saturday we could saw an energetic bomb at the music performance by The Freeborn Brothers. This band took us for a music trip with american folk, punk rock and lots of other music ways. The audience could dance, dance and dance!

The last day of the Wschody Festival started – as a first day – by Wera Kijetski’s song. Then we heard and met the laureates of this year’s edition of Artistic Song Contest. That’s Pasażer band (first place) and Eddie/Hai (Grand Prix). Next on the stage we could saw Mikromusic band with their new music project called “Mikromusic z Dolnej Półki”. Well-known songs in another ways charmed all the audience in the Meeting of Cultures so it should not be surprising that the band played as an encore and descended from the stage with a standing ovations!

The most interesting events in Poland on summer. Concerts, Festivals and outdoor events. Jazz, Rock, Reagge, Rap, Hip-Hop, Beer and traditional polish food.

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“Tell me good” tour 2019!

Happysad in Lublin 2019

At the 23rd March in Club Graffiti in Lublin took place a Happysad band concert.

The sentiment of the first platinum album by Happysad called “Mów mi dobrze” attracted a full audience to the Club Graffiti in Lublin at this Saturday. At first, as a guests, on the stage performed BAiKA band.

Circa 8 p.m. appeared there the main star of this evening – Happysad. Their performance began in the dark by the lantern light and “-1” track and ten we heard so energetic “Dłoń” song.

Emotions passed by the band were given to all the audience by whole concert. People jumped, tried to mosh or silently echoed the vocalist in the calmer songs. Swaying hands and the flashlights which sometimes appeared in the crowd emphasized the atmosphere of songs like “Pani K” or “Lęki i fobie”. The audience in Lublin gave a brilliant vocal show because most of the composition has been entirely sung by the public.

The whole concert was completed by a wonderful play of the lights which intensifying the sounds of the songs. Happysad gave us a double encore but fact that this concert came to an end was like a surprise because you want to listen a band more, and more, and more…

The most interesting events in Poland on summer. Concerts, Festivals and outdoor events. Jazz, Rock, Reagge, Rap, Hip-Hop, Beer and traditional polish food.

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Carnival of Magicians 2018

Carnival of Magicians 2018

Awesome bazaar of street arts, circus artists and acrobatics in the city – that was the Carnaval Sztukmistrzów. This festival took place in Lublin at 26th-29th July.

The 9th edition of this event had really great programme. We could admired artists from Poland (e.g. Człowiek Siano, Marcin Styczyński, MC Fire) and abroad like Swen from Sweden, Ciro Cavallo and Herosan.

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The special point of this year’s edition was “Exit” – a spectacle by Cirque Inextremiste. It was a symbol-ridden tale about the most important values like freedom and a sense of independence. It was presented for 100th anniversary od Poland’s independence celebrated in Lublin.

Besides of Carnaval, in Lublin took place Urban Highline Festival – the oldest and largest highline festival in the world. It took place in the Old Town and in Śródmieście area and presented new nascent discipline – slacklining.

Carnaval Sztukmistrzów gathered in Lublin people from all Poland and a lot of tourists from the other countries. The next year’s edition will be still more special! We can’t wait for it! 😉

The most interesting events in Poland on summer. Concerts, Festivals and outdoor events. Jazz, Rock, Reagge, Rap, Hip-Hop, Beer and traditional polish food.

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