Happysad in Lublin 2019

At the 23rd March in Club Graffiti in Lublin took place a Happysad band concert.

The sentiment of the first platinum album by Happysad called “Mów mi dobrze” attracted a full audience to the Club Graffiti in Lublin at this Saturday. At first, as a guests, on the stage performed BAiKA band.

Circa 8 p.m. appeared there the main star of this evening – Happysad. Their performance began in the dark by the lantern light and “-1” track and ten we heard so energetic “Dłoń” song.

Emotions passed by the band were given to all the audience by whole concert. People jumped, tried to mosh or silently echoed the vocalist in the calmer songs. Swaying hands and the flashlights which sometimes appeared in the crowd emphasized the atmosphere of songs like “Pani K” or “Lęki i fobie”. The audience in Lublin gave a brilliant vocal show because most of the composition has been entirely sung by the public.

The whole concert was completed by a wonderful play of the lights which intensifying the sounds of the songs. Happysad gave us a double encore but fact that this concert came to an end was like a surprise because you want to listen a band more, and more, and more…

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