WSCHODY Festival 2019

The 8th edition of the Wschody Festival took place at the 12th-14th April in Lublin.

First day of this event started as a women’s power. On the stage we could hear Wera Kijetski – last year’s winner of the Artistic Song Contest and Karolina Czarnecka as a main star of this day.

On the Saturday we could saw an energetic bomb at the music performance by The Freeborn Brothers. This band took us for a music trip with american folk, punk rock and lots of other music ways. The audience could dance, dance and dance!

The last day of the Wschody Festival started – as a first day – by Wera Kijetski’s song. Then we heard and met the laureates of this year’s edition of Artistic Song Contest. That’s Pasażer band (first place) and Eddie/Hai (Grand Prix). Next on the stage we could saw Mikromusic band with their new music project called “Mikromusic z Dolnej Półki”. Well-known songs in another ways charmed all the audience in the Meeting of Cultures so it should not be surprising that the band played as an encore and descended from the stage with a standing ovations!

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