Aldi Meola​

World of Great Music in Kraków

On 2nd November, as part of “World of Great Music in Kraków” in Kiev Center, played world-renowned virtuoso of guitar Al di Meola.

This concert was enormously hyped, to the point that all tickets were sold out well before the event, and met all our expectations.
The concert’s two hours were enough for Al di Meola to demonstrate his perfectionism and mastery over guitar. Although fully concentrated on the instrument while playing, he also had a few comments and announcements for the audience between the compositions.
In contrast, the accompanying musicians of his trio had a laidback attitude and had a lot of fun playing with their music.
The audience listened with total silence and focus, except for the trio’s most magnificent displays of skill worthy of all the applause they received.

This concert was a grand experience for anyone present in the hall and we had a rare pleasure to watch a performance of one of the best living musicians from up close.

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