Hania Rani at OFF Festival Katowice 2019

Anyone who has not yet heard of Hanna Raniszewska should catch up with her as soon as possible. The winner of this year’s Gazeta Wyborcza award for the most interesting rising muic artists in Poland definitely met the expectations of the festival goers.

We had the chance to see Hania Raniszewska at the OFF festival twice – on Saturday in a duet Tęskno with Joanna Longić and in a solo performance on Sunday. Hanna Raniszewska is a former student of Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and Hochschule für Musik in Berlin. On 5 April 2019 she revealed her debut solo album titled Esja under the pseudonym Hania Rani. The album has ties both to Warsaw and Reykjavik. The artist is connected with Iceland by the Dowland project, which was a reenactment of the renaissance era composer’s work.

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After the raving performance of polish post-metal band Entropia, the Experimental Stage transformed into calm and peaceful space. However, like at the previous concert, the tent of the stage was full to the brim. Nevertheless, more and more festivalgoers were gathering around it. Everyone watched in silence as Hania Rani and her accompanying band prepared the instruments. The first track performed was a proof of her excellent pianistic skills. In the following compositions we could hear the gentle voice of Hania, which made the audience fall into a soothing trance. Aside from music no voice was heard in the tent of the Experimental Stage . The audience gathered outside the tent also listened in thought while laying on the grass with their friends. The performance of Hania Rania was certainly an remarkable experience at this year’s OFF Festival. This humble artist definitely deserves more attention


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