This weekend, the weather spared no one. The wind, drizzle, downpour, and fog felt more like fall than a warm sunny summer. However, regardless of the fact that the weather was rather motivating to stay at home with a cup of warm tea, it did not spoil the celebration of this year’s Wianki Krakowskie. The greyness that the weather conditions gave us, however, we managed to diversify not only with colorful umbrellas, but above all with bouquets of flowers and beautiful wreaths.

The celebration began with a science and nature picnic. Participants could take part in astronomical experiments, admire celestial bodies and over 5-meter model of the Sun! Later, you could try your strength and skills in weaving various wreaths in 3 locations: Demarczyk Square, Skrzyneckiego Square and near by the church of St. Casimir.

Already at 16:00, as every year, beautiful melodies of local artists began to be heard from every side of the center of Krakow. During this year’s edition, the repertoire of Uliczne Granie and the performances on the Powiśle Stage were slightly different, because folk sounds were replaced by alternative music. They were the first to perform simultaneously in two places – the intimate Altana na Planty and Ewa Demarczyk’s Square – Erin Jolie with her original songs and Marimbazzi Duo.

from At 17:00 the concerts began on the Powiśle Stage, where Dina Jashari & Drugari, Kasia Lins, Piotr Ziola and Miuosh performed in turn. After these performances, those willing could go to the Wianki na Poczta afterparty. For those who survived the night of fun, there was a concert at Jordan Park at dawn. Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian songs were heard from here, alluding to the symbolism of Midsummer Night.