Dni Fantastyki

21 August 2024
C.K. Zamek, pl. Świętojański 1
Wrocław, Poland

19th Fantasy Days in Wrocław

On the 21st of August in Leśnicki Castle starts 16th Fantasy Days – the oldest fantasy-related event in Lower Silesia, with beginnings dating back to 2004. Since then, it has attracted an increasing number of fantasy consumers (predicted to be around 3000 for this edition) and creators alike, including writers, filmmakers, and actors.

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Fantasy Days is a passion we share with all visitors, an event dedicated to everyone interested in broadly defined fantasy and pop culture. Do you like watching movies and cartoons? Reading books and comics at your own pace? Playing video games? Or are board games more to your tastes? If the answer to these questions is yes, this event has something for you! We guarantee high-quality fun whose only limitation is your imagination!

See you in the future – this summer!

Buy tickets at biletyna.pl and dnifantastyki.pl.

More info on website.

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