Elida Almeida w Katowicach

26 November 2023
NOSPR, plac Wojciecha Kilara 1
Katowice, Śląskie Poland

Elida Almeida returns to Poland! On November 26, she will perform at the NOSPR in Katowice.

This unique artist comes from the Cape Verde Islands. Although she is one of the many talented heirs of Cesaria Evora, she is unique in what she does.

Her music is rooted in local musical folklore, it is a unique mixture of African ethno, contemporary European pop, jazz and even rock!

Elida improved her voice while working at a local radio station in Santiago. There, she created one of her first compositions that brought her fame – “Nta Konsigiui” (2.7 million views on YouTube). Before she was spotted by José da Silva, a producer working with Cesaria Evora, she performed at local concerts and bars in Cape Verde. Today, Elida Almeida is the author of three full-fledged albums. Her extraordinary warm, subtly swinging voice and compositions featuring the indigenous rhythms of batuque, funaná and morna brought her media success and the prestigious RFI award in 2015.

Then Elida Almeida gained fame performing in Europe, Africa and North America. The young singer’s dynamic and swinging style is significantly different from what we remember from Cesaria Evora’s work, but brings the same delight. She also brings a moving message, filled with sincerity, and a voice that captivates with charm and emotion.

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