Lodz Summer Festival

28 July 2023
Manufaktura, Manufaktura, Drewnowska 58
Łódź, Łódzkie Poland

600 Years of Lodz

On Friday, July 28, we invite you to the Łódź Summer Festival, which this year will have a special atmosphere as part of the city’s 600th birthday.

The top performers of the Polish music scene and some exceptional guests from abroad will perform on four stages.

Main Stage | Juy 28 | Friday| 23:00

Franz Ferdinand – Indie rock (SCT)

Pezet – RAP (PL)

Pidżama Porno – Punk rock (PL)

Stage Manufacture | July 28| Friday

Dawid Kwiatkowski – Pop (PL)

Margaret – RAP, Hip-Hop (PL)

Stage Monopolis | July 30| Friday

Lemon – Pop, Rock (PL)

LDZ STAGE | July 28| Friday

Cool Kids of Death – Alternative rock (PL)

L.STAND – Rock with elements of Surf rock, Country, Psychedelia (PL)

Hedone – Industrial (PL)

Main Stage | July 29| Saturday

OKI – Hip-hop, Rap (PL)

Tom Odell – Indie pop, Folk, Acoustic music, Ballad (UK)

Natalia Szroeder – Pop (PL)

Young Igi Young Igi – Hip-hop, Rap (PL)

Otsochodzi – Hip-hop, Rap (PL)

Stage Manufacture | July 29| Saturday

Kayah & Bum Bum OrkestFiśbanda – Folk (PL)

Strachy na Lachy – Urban folk, Rock, Alternative rock, Punk rock, Ska, Ska punk, Reggae, Pop-rock, Sung poetry, Folk (PL)

Stage Monopolis| July 29| Saturday

Błażej Król – Alternative music, Sung poetry (PL)

Elida Almeida – Folk (CPV)

ŁDZ STAGE | July 29| Saturday

Heima –  Indie pop, Art rock czy Shoegaze (PL)

Bruklin – Rock (PL)

5000 LAT – Punk (PL)

Main Stage | July 30| Sunday| 23:00-24:00

Bedoes 2115 Hip-hop, Rap (PL)

Igor Walaszek – Rock, ‎Funk‎, Eelectronic‎, ‎Pop (PL)

Sorry Boys – Rock, ‎Alternative‎, ‎Pop (PL)

Artur Rojek – Alternative rock, Alternative pop, Indie rock, Psychedelic pop, Brit pop, Psychedelic/Garage, Synth pop (PL)

Stage Manufacture | July 30 | Sunday

Ignacy – ‎Pop, Indie pop (PL)

LDZ STAGE | July 30| Sunday

Bielas i marynarze – Blues, Country with elements of Punk, Rock’n’roll

Welcome to Lodz !!!

Source: https://uml.lodz.pl/festiwal/


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