Poznan Beer Expo

22 November 2024
MTP, Głogowska 14
Poznań, Wielkopolskie Poland

Poznan Beer Expo 2023

 It’s already the 10th edition!

The Poznań Beer Expo celebrates its tenth edition and is preparing a plethora of attractions.

The Poznań Beer Expo is celebrating its tenth edition this year and you can’t miss it. It’s worth marking the dates of November 24-25 on your calendar and coming to the International Poznań Fair. These two days will be a true celebration for all enthusiasts of excellent drinks, exquisite food, and an incredible atmosphere.

Over 50 stalls with beers, meads, and ciders, a dozen gastronomic stalls and food trucks, Beer Mile, Beer Yoga, wrestling shows, game zones, fun and sports, a race on rolling refrigerators, and a Great Contest for all visitors with many interesting prizes. All this and much more awaits you during the Poznań Beer Expo and Street Food Spot.

At the Poznań Beer Expo, everyone, whether just starting their beer, mead, or cider adventure or having been interested in the subject for years, will find something for themselves.

“We believe that there are no people who don’t like beer; there are only people who haven’t had the opportunity to try one that suits their taste. Guided by this thought, we emphasize that our initiatives should be associated with a wide selection of high-quality beer, as well as cider or mead – thanks to this, everyone will find something for themselves. For years, we have also been trying to dispel the unfavorable reputation of alcohol, promoting the culture of its production and consumption,” emphasizes Maria Pawlik, one of the organizers of the Poznań Beer Expo.

Flavor Enthusiasts, Jolly Enthusiasts, Friends, Family – there’s a place for everyone!

Flavor Enthusiasts – seekers of taste experiences of all kinds. Craft? Mead? Cider? Street Food? If you belong to the group of people who seek experiences through their taste buds, an incredible adventure awaits you!

Jolly Enthusiasts – joyous enthusiasts of the “golden drink,” enjoying an uncomplicated and refreshing Euro-lager style. You don’t have to be a beer enthusiast to enjoy long meetings with friends over a glass (or a few!) of beer.

Beer Geeks – beer enthusiasts, check-in collectors, trend seekers. Loyal users of Untappd, who often know more about beers than the brewers themselves. If discussions about the latest craft trends – generously watered with the next premieres of their favorite drink – are an important part of your life, you can’t miss this.

Friends, Family – even if beer is beyond your interests, you won’t be bored with us! It’s worth coming to our Expo to meet friends and spend time pleasantly. You can play games, participate in sports competitions, listen to interesting lectures, or watch wrestling matches – there will be plenty to do!

At the Poznań Beer Expo, there will be several hundred beers, meads, and ciders available. To make it easier for PBE guests to choose what suits them best, the organizers have proposed beer routes, including cooperative beer brewed for the 10th edition of PBE, classic styles, premieres, non-alcoholic or gluten-free drinks.

Emotions, joy, and a bit of beer madness

The beer revolution began about ten years ago, just like PBE. It’s a good opportunity to summarize these past years, preferably with some limited edition brew. Twenty-two breweries from all over Poland took on the task of brewing beer inspired by the past decade for the 10th edition of the Poznań Beer Expo.

“As we know, a lot has happened over these 10 years – beer styles have changed, hops, malts, and additives used have changed. One thing has remained unchanged for craft brewers – a focus on the highest quality of brewed beers. Passion has also remained, driving craft beer initiatives with great emotions, joy, but also a bit of madness. Special premier beers contain the spirit of these ten extraordinary years,” emphasizes organizer Grzegorz Stachurski.

“The beginning of the beer revolution was the arrival of the IPA style and an unprecedented bitterness in beer. IPA stayed, but the bitterness trend evolved strongly towards beer that became less bitter and more aromatic. Finally, hazy IPA arrived, almost devoid of bitterness. The beer from Browar Sarabanda, which will premiere at the Poznań Beer Expo, combines both characteristics,” says brewer Bartosz Urbaniak from Browar Sarabanda.

St. Martin’s Croissant in liquid form

The proposal of the Magic Road brewery, a beer inspired by the St. Martin’s croissant, will surely interest Poznań residents.

“For a long time, we have had a tradition that when going to beer Expos or festivals, we try to brew a beer that refers to the region where the event takes place. St. Martin’s croissant is a baked good from Poznań, so we came up with such a beer to honor the tenth edition of the Poznań Beer Expo. Last year we had the first attempt at this beer. Then, also for the occasion of PBE, we brewed beer with the addition of real St. Martin’s croissants and dried fruits. There wasn’t much of it – just one barrel. This year we wanted to repeat it in a larger quantity, but for technological reasons, we can’t add croissants. Instead, to the intense chocolate-roasted base, we added a massive amount of poppy seed mass with dried fruits, the same as used in St. Martin’s croissants,” explains Bartek Packo, brewer from Magic Road brewery.

Unique tour of a not usually accessible brewery

Beers brewed for the tenth edition of PBE can not only be tasted during the Expo but also won. All this as part of the Grand Contest, where the main prize will be a tour of the Fortuna Brewery with a tasting. Three winners will be selected, and each of them can also invite two additional people. Many other prizes will also be available.

“We usually don’t receive guests, but for the winners of the Grand Contest of the Poznań Beer Expo and their accompanying persons, we make an exception! We will invite them to a special tour of the entire brewery, which we will combine with a tasting of our most limited beers. Together, we will also try beers from the barrels that are still waiting to be filled. We will also take care of refreshments and answer all questions. Get ready for a few unforgettable hours in Miłosław,” emphasizes the main brewer of Browar Fortuna, Marcin Ostajewski.

Much will also be happening on the Expo stage. You can listen to interesting lectures about drinks and more, as well as participate in a quiz. In addition, the final gala of the Greater Poland competition is planned for Friday – aimed at professional and home beer, mead, and cider producers, as well as designers and creative agencies. The best drinks and projects in the aforementioned categories will be awarded.

“The fourth edition of the Greater Poland competition was rich in a few novelties and surprises. The biggest change compared to the previous edition was the creation of the Greater Poland competition for meads under the auspices of Greater Poland, both homemade and from professional meaderies. This competition had a really great debut – eighty-five meads arrived, both from our country and from abroad. We are pleased that the quality of beers, ciders, and meads in Poland is constantly rising, and the judges often had a dilemma because of it. The podium can only accommodate three winners, and there were many excellent products in the categories,” emphasizes Maciej Wentowski, head of the Greater Poland competition jury.

“The first day of the Expo and the awarding of Greater Poland medals is like the Oscars gala for the industry. It’s the moment in the year when the hard, ant-like work of the brewer is appreciated. They can come on stage, stand in the spotlight, and receive well-deserved glory for their work,” adds Grzegorz Stachurski.

An interesting presentation is also announced – an extremely sentimental story by one of the owners of the recently closed Golem brewery in Poznań, Artur Karpiński, who will summarize the history of the business.

“I will talk about the beginnings of my craft journey, the essence of the craft ethos, and the ups and downs of the brewery that I co-created and helped make one of the most characteristic brands in Poland,” explains Artur Karpiński.

Test for taste blindness

Traditionally, the Poznań Beer Expo will also feature homebrewers gathered around the Greater Poland Branch of the Polish Homebrewers Association.

“We want to popularize homebrewing and educate on topics such as home beer brewing, the culture of drinking it, or beer sensory analysis. We are pleased that once again we have the great pleasure of being guests at the largest beer event in the region, where we will be ready to answer any questions about beer production at home. At our stand, you will see many homebrewing equipment and gadgets, and you will learn about their application from our fellow homebrewers. All interested are also invited to participate in the taste blindness test and a small beer game. Come and see if standing by the pots and brewing delicious, unique beers is also for you,” emphasizes Paweł Wilczyński, president of WOT PSPD.

Beer run of 1604 meters

Traditionally, there will be the Beer Mile, a race where you have to drink four small beers during the run! Yes, you read that right – it’s one of the few races in Poland where you won’t be at risk of thirst. The rules are simple: participants run four distances of 401m, and before each of them, they must drink a beer of approximately 300 ml. Of course, the entire race is timed, so it’s worth drinking quickly! The record for the Beer Mile at the Expo is currently 5:48 minutes! For experienced runners, this is not a killer pace, but if we include four beers, it’s quite an achievement. The fun is great, and everyone who participated finished the race with a smile on their faces. Registration can be found on the website targipiwne.pl/kup-bilet.

Do it for the fun

As every year, the team of Mosznowłatcy will also visit the Poznań Beer Expo, whose goal is to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Men will have the opportunity to undergo non-invasive and painless, as well as free, ultrasound examinations to exclude male cancers. For such examinations in a medical facility, you would have to pay around 150-200 PLN, and at PBE, they will be completely free! Moreover, this is the only opportunity to come to the doctor with a beer in hand!

Where, when, how much?

As every year, a Expo shop will be waiting for participants. This year, it will feature a limited edition of gadgets – hoodies, socks, openers, caps, and new glasses.

PBE is planned for November 24-25 at the International Poznań Expogrounds (Poznań, Głogowska 14, east entrance, from the side of Most Dworcowy). Tickets priced at 25 PLN for a one-day ticket, 45 PLN for a pass are available on the website https://targipiwne.pl/kup-bilet/ (on the day of the event, tickets will cost 30 and 50 PLN respectively). See you at the Poznań Beer Expo and Street Food Spot 2023! More information can be found on the website targipiwne.pl and https://www.facebook.com/targipiwne/.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!

Please write to anna@targowo.com or call +48 606 500 653.

You can find photos in the gallery at targipiwne.pl/galeria.


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