14 June 2024
MTP, Głogowska 14
Poznań, Wielkopolskie Poland

Pyrkon 2024 – Fantastic meeting place

Pyrkon is primarily about people – fantasy fans, creators, producers, exhibitors and … you, because Pyrkon is a fantastic meeting place.

On June 14-16, the 22st edition of the Pyrkon fantasy festival will take place. It is a truly amazing celebration of diversity, during which every fan of fantasy will surely feel that this is the perfect place for him.

Why is it worth attending Pyrkon? Because…

First of all, the number of festival participants is constantly growing – from 600 people in 2000 to over 56,404 people in 2022.
In the next edition, we will have over 14,000 m2 of exhibition space with books, comics, clothing, gadgets and everything that geeks love. Dozens of rooms filled with workshops, lectures and exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts, shows, as well as the prestigious cosplay competition – Masquerade  – which for years has been an excellent show loved by Festival participants, awaits you. It is also a place where you can meet your favorite book authors, creators of games, comics, RPGs, influencers and actors.
Every year the festival is visited by the most famous fantasy authors. Among our guests there were celebrities such as: Felicia Day, Christopher Judge, Graham Masterton and Stan Sakai!

Pyrkon is truly a place for everyone – families, friends and individuals, because the festival space and attractions are ideal for meeting soul mates from every corner of the world.

Program zones

  • Board Games and Battle Games Zone
  • Children’s Zone
  • Film and Series Zone
  • Science Zone
  • Manga and Anime Zone
  • Gaming Zone
  • Festival Zone – Fantastic Villages
  • Exhibitions Collections and Art
  • Festival Zone – Fan Initiatives
  • Festival Zone – Integration
  • Literary Zone
  • Comic Zone
  • Contests – Resurrections – all-film knowledge contest, Dwarven Song Festival, LCS – Lolowy Skullbreaker Special, Lasertag
  • Story Zone

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