Siesta Festival

Siesta Festival

Filharmonia Bałtycka w Gdańsku, Gdańsk Pomorskie
Date(s) - 09/14/2023 - 09/17/2023

Filharmonia Bałtycka w Gdańsku

Siesta Festival is one of the very few festivals of its kind in Poland – the ones that promote “world music”. It is inextricably linked with the radio program of the same name on Trójka Radio, hosted by Marcin Kydryński, which featured genres such as African and Cuban folk and jazz music – the first Siesta Festival was organized to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Although it was planned as a one-time event, it was so well-received that it has been returning for each subsequent year, taking place on the second-to-last weekend of April in Baltic Philharmonic – a truly magical place to hold such concerts, where anyone can feel at home and which no one wants to leave even after performance’s ending, leaving unforgettable memories of its atmosphere of unity and the joy with which the artists share their music.

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The ideals behind this event can be quickly summarized with its old description: “Siesta is the fascination of our kind’s multifariousness and the ancient process of culture mixing, the way they can see parts of their own reflection in each other. It is the meeting place of the peoples’ heritage, the modern European harmony and the freedom of Jazz.”

This festival can easily charm anyone from the very first concert, regardless of their musical background – jazz, pop or even metal!

Gdansk, TriCity
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