Warsaw Beer Festival

Warsaw Beer Festival

Stadion Legii, Warszawa Mazowieckie
Date(s) - 03/23/2023 - 03/25/2023
All-day event

Stadion Legii

14th Warsaw Beer Festival 2022

Warsaw Beer Festival invites you for its 14th birthday. Polish beer market has rapidly changed in the past 6 years. Around 200 new breweries emerged (double of the original number) alongside a similar number of craft beer pubs. 2000 new beers were released in just the last year. Surprisingly, the quality goes with the quantity and the beer revolution, fuelled by experienced homebrewers, has quickly matured. We’re learning fast and from the best: America, Nordic counties, Belgium, Italy… We had to create everything from scratch, with our own rules.

Oh yes, we love to experiment. With smoked malts, traditional hops, spices, yeast, glitter, pickled cucumbers and many, many more. Sometimes it’s stupid, sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it just works. We love to try new stuff, to experience new tastes and flavours. Every half a year there are new trends among craft breweries and beer drinkers. We’re masters in brewing smooth Baltic Porters and low-percentage, smoked Grodziskie beer. We create flavours that can’t be found anywhere else

About the Festival

Warsaw Beer Festival is organised twice a year, in spring and autumn. It takes place in covered VIP zone of Legia Warsaw Stadium in strict centre of the Polish capital. Each edition gathers around 20 thousand participants during a three-day event. Because of the limited space we are able to present only the best Polish craft breweries (no corporations nor big players are allowed). At present this is the most prestigious craft beer festival in Poland and central Europe, setting the trends for the whole industry. With ~750 beers on 350 taps and around 100 premiere beers it’s impossible not to find the taste you’d like. The number of brewery stands is limited to ~50 and majority of them are Polish – we try to show only 2-4 most interesting foreign breweries.

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But Warsaw Beer Festival is not only about beer: we’ve prepared many other attractions like the best Polish foodtrucks, table football tournament, pinball machines, specialised lectures, tastings, discussions and many more. You can spend the whole weekend on the stadium experiencing the atmosphere and great people. And most people do.

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At the autumn edition we’re expecting around 18-20 thousand people. Those are – among others – the most important figures of the young Polish craft beer scene: brewers, homebrewers, brewery owners, importers, pub owners, bloggers, beergeeks and future brewers. Most of them are looking for inspiration.

Foreign Guests – Jopen (nl)

In fourteenth-century Holland, Haarlem was the most important brewing city. From its 110 breweries the beer was shipped all over the world in large 112 liter barrels called ‘Jopen.’ Thanks to its high quality, the beers from Haarlem were very popular; the Gruit beer in particular. Sadly, due to the rise and dominance of lager breweries, Haarlem’s rich brewing tradition was lost when in 1916 the last brewery closed its doors.

In 1994, inspired by this rich brewing history and troubled by the loss of all the historic breweries, a group of enthusiastic locals (Haarlem Beer Society) set out to recover Haarlem’s brewing tradition. Valuable information was retrieved from the city archives, including the incredible finding of two original recipes from 1407 and 1501. The choice was quickly made to brew these beers at the start of Haarlem’s Brewing Renaissance. On 11 November 1994, the city’s 750th anniversary is heralded with the younger beer, called ‘Hoppenbier.’ Exactly 16 years later the 2nd brewery, located in an old church in town centre was opened and now it is called Jopenkerk – Jopen Church.

Both breweries are brewing not only traditional beers, but new wave, craft hoppy and barrel aged beers as well.


Warsaw Beer Festival is takes place at Legia Warsaw Municipal Stadium at st. Łazienkowska 3. The space is heated and covered, close to the city center, easily approachable by bus or by foot. WBF owes this space much of its climate.

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Jacek Materski is a co-owner of the first Polish craft brewery Artezan and one of the most experienced beer judges in Poland. He recently opened his Artezan Craft Beer Pub in Warsaw.

Paweł Leszczyński is a homebrewer and also an experienced beer judge. He specialises in sensory trainings.

See our relation from October 2018’s edition.

More on the festival’s webpage

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