Krushfest 2023


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After a 3-year break caused by the pandemic, Krushfest returned to the Polish festival calendar. The stage of Jasielski Przystanek Kwiatowa hosted the classically beginners and legends of Polish rock.

The festival started with 33,300, then came Comatherion, who presented songs by the now defunct band COMA. Krusher, from whom this whole event had its beginning, could not be missing.
During the song “Ogień”, guest Adam Pucykowicz gave the drums to Aleksandra Pasierb, who made her debut at the festival in 2016 as a 13-year-old.

The real hit of the event were the concerts of the bands Farben Lehre and Turbo.
Especially this first band, which has been presenting the Polish punk rock scene for almost 40 years, enticed the audience gathered in Jasło to have fun. You can be truly encouraged by how many young fans know their songs, which were often written before they were born.

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Krushfest is back and we hope we’ll see a new edition next year, cause it’s a very special festival not only for Jasło. Also it was a great fun!

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