Siesta Festival - 2019

Kandace Springs

Can a single composition contain soul, jazz, pianists of 19th century romanticism and … hard rock? Yes, as evidenced by Kandace Springs, whose concert opened the 9th edition of Siesta Festival in Gdańsk’s Stary Maneż.

Although the concert was dominated by songs from her second album “Indigo“, there was no shortage of compositions from the preceding CD or a few songs that do not quite fit the jazz standards. Her interpretation of”Killing me softly” could strike awe into even Lauryn Hill who performed it for the first time.

Siesta A.D. 2019 already started from C Major and the weekend is yet to come.

Mayra Andrade

Only dinosaurs remember B.B.King’s legendary concert in Warsaw when one of his strings snapped and he simply changed it without stopping the performance. Mayra’s band found themselves in a similar peril when one of the drumset’s instruments suffered a breakdown right at one song’s beginning. Most musicians would have likely stopped the play right then and there, but what happened instead went beyond the standard calculus of a concert – not only did they do their best to make up for the missing part of rhythm section, but even the audience eventually joined them!

As for the overall concert – musical perfection. It would take us too long to describe this performance, and even moreso the music – a mix of temperament and fierceness of African rhythms with musical professionalism without an ounce of sham.

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