Chick Corea Trio

Jazz joins generations – probably the shortest would be to summarize the concert that took place on 8 May in  Cracovian Congress Centre ICE.

Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, Brian Blade.

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Chick Corea is a prominent figure in the jazz scene, so the concert on Monday evening brought the audience of all ages to fill the ICE Congress Center in Krakow almost to the last chair.
The pianist appeared with the other members of the trio, and for the first few moments, it felt that the concert would not only be an artistic event but an unforgettable meeting with the fine musicians.
The trio in this instrumental composition was particularly beautiful in the modern hall of the Congress Center, and the virtuosity of the individual compositions was rewarded with great applause by the audience.

 The musicians made a very nice contact with the audience, which reacted spontaneously, from the first moments.
Listening unconcerned, they rattled the rhythm on the knees, the back of the chairs, the shoes on the parquet floor, all over themselves sinking into the music.

With each song the atmosphere was thickened by the perfectly played sounds on the three instruments that led the dialogue with each other and the musicians showed genuine joy of playing.
Chick taking a seat at the piano often turned his head toward the audience, and in the climax of his short combinations of keys, more and more complicated, the whole room sang with laughter.
The applause and standing ovation was an expression of how much the concert was like, and the long encore was playful, brave, engaging and authentic pleasure.
The concert lasted less than two hours, and we all felt insecure, both in music and in this positive meeting. Thanks to the Cracovia Music Agency for the opportunity to participate in such a great musical event.

Arturo Sandoval Sextet

There is no overstatement in World of Great Music’s name. The first of this cycle’s concert, which took place on February 18 in Kiev Cinema in Kraków, is the key evidence of this.

It is always hard to precisely describe any music, but especially so in case of what Arturo Sandoval and his sextet served us on their concert. This ingenious musician managed to tour us across New Orleans, Chicago, Havanna and Paris within a single composition.

His self-awareness and sense of humour could be felt through every word, sentence and song.

In less than two hours this concert lasted we witnessed the best Arturo’s creativity had to offer. Were we limited to a single sentence worth of description, we would have needed to write – we wish to rewatch this entire performance all over again.

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