Report from Bolesławiec Festival of Ceramics 2020

Despite happening in the shadow of COVID-19 pandemic, Bolesławiec Festival of Ceramics has once again proved to be an exceptional event – not just by Lower Silesian standards, but on nationwide scale. While a lower attendance than that of the past editions was to be expected, the organizers and exhibitors had no reason to complain about shortage of tourists – including those from abroad.

Although the festival is under patronage of local pottery craftsmen, a wide variety of ceramic products from all over Poland were exhibited by representatives of both major businesses and smaller (usually family-run) ones. Stalls with pottery and other handicraft were set up all over Bolesławiec Town Square and the adjoining streets.

The Festival of Ceramics is not all about exihibiting, watching and buying pottery – it is also a big celebration of centuries-old culture and tradition. The trade fair and exhibitions were accompanied by numerous additional events, including the traditional Bolesławiec Antiquities Market.
The arriving tourists also had a free entry to Museum of Ceramics, where one can learn the full breadth of the region’s history and traditions – not just ceramics-related.

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There was no shortage of good music, either. Although the pandemic-related restrictions necessitated a different form of concerts, the organizers managed to provide a safe yet satisfactory way to listen to high quality jazz music. Deserving special attention was Patrycjusz Gruszecki’s quartet and their phenomenal, highly energetic concert.

Patrycjusz Gruszecki Kwartet:

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