15 September 2023
Zespołu Szkół Ekonomicznych, Tadeusza Kościuszki 39 – 41
Opole, Opolskie Poland

Opolcon Fantasy Fans Convention

It is the largest free convention in Poland, which grows every year with more and more participants from edition to edition.

Since the first edition in 2013, it has been the largest free convention in Poland, and has always been and still remains completely free for all participants.

During the day, at the Electrical School Complex, you will be able to participate in meetings with special guests, lectures, tournaments, competitions, play board games and buy things at the exhibitors’ stands – from the above-mentioned. games and sweets, through mugs and pillows, to handmade soaps and decorations. There will also be a cosplay competition, which is the most anticipated point of the program every year. Its participants will dress up as characters from broadly understood pop culture and present their handmade costume to the audience, usually presenting a short scene using it.


There will be a Sleep Room in the Economic School Complex, i.e. completely free accommodation for participants. There will also be night attractions, including: RPG, LARP, and Games Room.

The organizer of OPOLCON is the Association of OKF Fenix, ZS Elektryczne and ZS Ekonomiczne in Opole.

More information on the festival website: https://opolcon.pl


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