10th edition of Lotos Siesta Festival

Despite the unusual conditions of sanitary regime, the anniversary edition of Siesta Festival proceeded successfully.

The organizers deserve all the accolades for preparing the festival of such a high level and bringing all the previously announced stars despite all the adversities. They have managed to provide good and safe fun for artists and the audience alike in these trying times. As for us, we regret that we could not have been there on all of the concerts, but what we witnessed more than made up for all the delay that lasted several months.

The musicians must have felt the same, longing for contact with a large concert audience. Teofilo Chantre confessed how deeply moved he was standing on the stage a whole ten months after his previous performance. And Elida… looked like she was ready to explode when she was stepping onto the stage.

The leading theme of this year’s Siesta was tribute to late Cesaria Evora – the artist that managed to bring the wondrous culture of Cape Verde onto the musical saloons of Europe.

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The concert stage saw two hours of concerts given by the modern stars who owe their careers to Cesaria and her trailblazing achievements – Nancy Vieira, Elida Almeida and Lura. Differing musical personalities and styles of singing, but each with the same burning passion. Another guest was Teofilo Chantre – Cesaria’s former song composer, whose concert was received with excitement.

These concerts were full of touching emotions and memories, but also plenty of joy and good fun. The musicians danced and clapped on the stage, encouraging the fans to get up from their seats and do the same – this was everyone’s joint tribute to Cesaria. At one point Lura won a thunderous applause for whistling a part of a song.

We also had a returning artist from Siesta’s very first edition – Yami. Much like the other stars, he expressed joy at being able to return to Poland. While introducing Yami to the public, Marcin Kydryński – the festival’s lead organizer – expressed his fascination in how much the musician evolved over the years. Gushing with energy and joy, Yami struck a phenomenal partnership with his audience. With a wide smile on his face, he told stories behind many of his songs, the emotions he put into them and the closest people to him that he dedicated them to. As per Siesta’s standard, the people gathered in the concert hall spent a bulk of the concert dancing (respecting the safe distance).

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More photos and reports soon 🙂

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