Festival of Ceramics 2020

Report from Bolesławiec Festival of Ceramics 2020 Despite happening in the shadow of COVID-19 pandemic, Bolesławiec Festival of Ceramics has once again proved to be an exceptional event – not […]

Gryczaki 2018

Gryczaki 2018 – Janów Lubelski On the 11th-12th August in Janów Lubelski took place the 16th edition of Gryczaki. Every year, at the second weekend in August in Janów Lubelski […]

Carnival of Magicians 2018

Carnival of Magicians 2018 Awesome bazaar of street arts, circus artists and acrobatics in the city – that was the Carnaval Sztukmistrzów. This festival took place in Lublin at 26th-29th […]

Woodstock Festival 2017

23rd Woodstock Festival Kostrzyn nad Odrą – Photorelation: Marcin Strzyż – FotoStrzyż If you want to feel an incredible atmosphere, free yourself from the mundane and listen to a variety […]