Nigel Kennedy - "When I am 64"

Summer Jazz Festival Kraków – concert in Kiev Center

Nigel Kennedy once again played in his favorite polish City – Kraków. This time his concert was one of the main parts of Summer Jazz Festival. Starting the festival with such a big name was an excellent choice on the organizers’ part – as usual Kennedy gave a marvellous performance, serving excellent music along with a pinch of good humour. Kiev Cinema, which housed the concert, has once again become Kraków’s center of jazz.

The first thing that got our attention once the artist stepped onto the stage was his footwear – garish yellow Adidas with white soles, contrasting with the remainder of his wardrobe, which was dominated by dark colours. But it soon became clear that these boots were perfectly suited for Nigel’s dynamic performance, full of foot stamps cushioned by the thick soles. The artist did not stop for even a moment, continuously moving across the stage with great fervor.

Nigel Kennedy’s charm had little trouble earning the public’s favor, helped all the more by his strong accent. His fans from Kraków were overjoyed during moments where the musician spoke in Polish language and talked about his love for the city of Kraków. The audience returned the favor with numerous and long standing ovations. A good indicator of love between him and his Polish fans would be the fact that almost all available seats were filled, despite the difficult situation during pandemic.

The motto of this concert, as well as the summer tour it was a part of, was “When I’m 64” – referencing The Beatles. Nigel Kennedy presented a wide variety of his discography – old and new alike. Kennedy also played a few compositions of Krzysztof Komeda, including “My ballad”, as well as Jimmy Hendrix’s “Little wing” and “They can’t take that away from me”. Some songs had the artist abandon his violin in favor of an impressive piano, showcasing his versatility and virtuosity. Kennedy’s band, consisting of incredibly talented musicians, ensured a real musical treat in Kiev Cinema this evening.

Photos from the concert in Kiev Cinema, 10 July 2021:

Summer Jazz Festival Kraków 2021

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