Gdańsk Lotos Siesta Festival 2021

“We simply deserved this concert and festival” – with these words (paraphrasing the former Polish prime minister) the lead organizer Marcin Kydryński opened the next edition of Siesta Festival.

Lucia de Carvalho

This was the second time Siesta was kickstarted in Stary Maneż music club. It opened with a wonderful concert by Lucia de Carvalho.

This artist, hailing from Angola, delighted the Gdańsk audience from the very first sounds. Her music is the essence of what can be described as the Music of the World. An amazing mix of African and Brazilian rhythms with European sounds of guitar and cello, all served in a very joyful and energetic way.

Elida Almeida

This was Elida’s third performance as part of Siesta Festival in Gdańsk. Her two Saturday concerts also served as showcase of songs from her new album “Gerasonobu“.
While it might merely be our personal judgement, biased by her charming expression, joy and energy wired into her very genes, but it is difficult for us to imagine how anyone could pass by such a performance without batting an eye.
Her concets in Gdańsk Philharmonic were full of joy of life, energy, dancing and musical perfrection, all sealed by the phenomenal performance of her bandmates. This girl not only has an incredible vocal talent, but can sell it without a slightest hint of insecurity.

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