Tarja Turunen, Suddenlash, Immension

Monday’s Tarja Turunen concert in Warsaw was preceded by two fantastic supports: the Spanish team Suddenlash and British formation Immension.
At first perform musicians from Spain, and wonderful, vibrant voice of the singer from the place stole the hearts of the audience. Their beautiful, although short appearance was full of excitement and positive energy. Heavy sounds and symphonic vocals complement to form a harmonious whole.
As successive appeared on stage with the boys Immension, bringing to it his incredible energy. Strong guitar sound balance the delicate keys and hypnotic vocals.

Tarja’s performance was the real icing on the cake of this musical debauchery. Her fantastic operatic voice and exuberance with which she jumped around the stage quickly grabbed the crowds. Fanclub of singer prepared for her fantastic welcome – when the first songs begins, hall was filled with balloons in the shape of a heart, and after a few songs the fans passed ther idiol flowers and Polish flag. The concert itself was delighted incredible commitment musicians, seductive vocals Tarja and her fantastic attitude. Thanks to the Polish facing the fans caused euphoria in the crowd, and lively songs have kidnapped people to play in funding the pounding heart and a big smile. It’s one of those shows that you do not forget. Thank Metal Minds Production for the opportunity to take pictures and participate in this incredible spectacle.

In the gallery of the first images Tarja with the team, the audience ….

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.. and Suddenlash

…and Immension:

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Thanks for Metal-Mind Productions for the opportunity to take pictures.

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