OFF Festival 2022 Katowice

On Friday, August 5, the 15th jubilee edition of the OFF Festival in Katowice 2022 began. Alternative music fans have been waiting for it for almost 3 years, because the previous events were spoiled by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, apart from the round birthday of the festival, this edition was also special due to the long break.

This year, at the OFF Festival 2022 in Katowice, the performers played for the audience from 5 stages – the main Perlage, the Leśna Stage, the Experimental Stage, the T-Tent and the intimate Dr. Martens. Also, as in the previous edition, the Literary Café was open for lovers of reading. Sylwia Chutnik and Karolina Sulej took care of it.

Just like in previous years, the eco-traditions of the cleanest festival in Europe continue to accumulate pro-ecological attitudes among the audience. Reusable cups, for which the deposit was PLN 10 (which additionally discouraged leaving it in the nearest rubbish bin), 80% vegan and vegetarian offer of the Gastro zone, no plastic straws, a special free S1 bus line and access to the entrance gate blocked for cars.

Friday, August 5 – 1 day OFF Festival 2022

On Friday, the first day of the festival, 24 performances were scheduled. The band that started this concert frenzy was Chair, whose work can be related to the grunge style. They started their performance quite incoherently, which set the tone for the whole day. Before the appearance of the artists, a mascot ran onto the stage. Only later, when the fans had taken enough photos, Cura and Hubert Kurkiewicz showed up.

Another one that day was played by Frank Leen. Tobiasz Fryzowicz, a producer and vocalist from Wrocław, hid under this pseudonym. Frank Leen was invited to the OFF Festival for the first time. The first song was Bombonierki – a single with which he announced the release of his new album. There was no shortage of sad pieces, but also “jumping”, because as the artist said: “Just like in life, there are sad and happy.”

After this concert, the festival-goers had a choice of pop works by Jann, who nature has endowed with an extraordinary ultratenor, and the band Ćpaj Stajl, whose songs combine “courtyard rap” with beats characteristic of club parties. Representatives of the Krakow underground sang mainly songs from their new album “Złoty shot”, including “Life is a bitch” and “Thank you dad”, which was announced with the words: “If you want to hear something smart …”.

The first band that performed that day on the Perlage Main Stage was the Warsaw-based hip-hop rap duo Lordofon. The band founded by Maciej Poreda (MC) and Michał Jurek will celebrate its 5th birthday this year. He already has the album “Koło” and several singles behind him. At the same time, a nostalgic Oysterboy appeared in this year’s new T Tent location. Previously, the performer was known as the vocalist of the band Teriffic Sunday, but for a year Piotr Kołodyński has been pursuing a solo career in parallel.

Jordan Timothy Jenks, an American rapper and producer, known under the pseudonym Pi’erre Bourne, appeared on the main stage as the last one that day.

Saturday, August 6 – 2 day

The second day of OFF Festival 2022 in Katowice began with the performance of Polonia Disco, a collective that includes members from various musical genres, but who share a love for disco polo, which thrills everyone to dance. A little later, crowds of metalheads were gathering in front of the Leśna Stage to listen to what the black metal band Gruzja had prepared for them.

The first performance of the day on the Perlage Main Stage was the Polish band Oxford Drama. During their performance, the audience could breathe a sigh of relief after the crazy performance of black metal, listening to the electro pop songs of the band from Wrocław.

A little later, on the smallest and closest stage to the listeners, Dr. Martens starred Postman. Kostiantyn Pochtar, who comes from Kiev, creates under this pseudonym. During the concert, the performer sang one of his most famous songs – Kyivski Vulytsi (Kiev Streets), which is considered the 2nd anthem of the capital of Ukraine. Also, the performer took full advantage of the location by involving the audience in his final song Water. This track was inspired by his stay in the Ukrainian mountains. Volunteers could get a bell that was supposed to imitate grazing cows, or a whistle in the shape of a bird.

When it got dark, a huge crowd gathered again at the Perlage Main Stage to sing and dance with the Kacperczyk brothers. At the beginning and at the very end, mascots familiar to all fans of this band appeared on the stage – the Pink Hare and the Elephant. They also couldn’t resist not to mention that they are promoting their album Kryzys Midwiku, which was certified gold. Their concert was also unique due to the fact that together with the Kacperczyk brothers, Artur Rojek sang one of his most famous songs – Have or Be.

Sunday, August 7 – 3 day OFF Festival 2022

Midsummer had the honor of starting the last day of OFF Festival 2022. Their debut appearance at such a large event almost put people within the Experimental Stage. The voice of the new soloist of the band Valentina Maslovska, which fits perfectly into the atmosphere of dream pop, hypnotized not one listener.

As the last “artists of the Main Stage” this year, the English band Metronomy played.

After midnight Bolis Pupul and Swedish DJ Seinfeld played. An uncoordinated approach to techno and house music closed OFF Festival 2022 in Katowice.

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