Off-Festival Katowice 2022 Line Up

Here we present the up-to-date line-up of OFF Festival Katowice 2022 .

THURSDAY (2022.08.04):

  • OFF Before “Do you feel the climate?”: Pink Siifu & tha NEGRO ALIVE’! Experience [USA]; Jerry & The Pelican System [Poland]; Julek Ploski [Poland]; Alabaster de Plume [UK]; MIKE [USA]; Eddie Chacon [USA]; Nath [Poland]; Jerzyk Krzyżyk [Poland]; Half Waif [USA]

FRIDAY (2022.08.05):

  • Perlage Main Stage: Mura Masa [UK]; RIDE plays „Nowhere” [UK]; DIIV [USA]; Lordofon [Poland]
  • Forest Stage “Do you feel the climate?”: Bikini Kill [USA]; Romy Madley Croft [UK]; Alyona Alyona [Ukraine]; Jakub Skorupa [Poland]; Jann [Poland]
  • BUH Experimental Stage: Pi’erre Bourne [USA]; Prospa [UK]; Erika de Casier [Portugal/Denmark]; Ćpaj Stajl [Poland]; Squid [UK]; Chair [Poland]
  • T Tent: Altın Gün [Netherlands]; Q Steven Marsden [USA]; Makaya McCraven [USA]; Frank Leen [Poland]; Oysterboy [Poland]

SATURDAY (2022.08.06):

  • Perlage Main Stage: Iggy Pop [USA]; Ghetts [UK]; KACPERCZYK [Poland]; Oxford Drama [Poland]
  • Forest Stage “Do you feel the climate?”: Myd (LIVE BAND) [France]; Molchat Doma [Belarus]; The Armed [USA]; Jaubi [Poland/Pakistan]; Gruzja [Poland]
  • BUH Experimental Stage: PC Music Showcase [UK]; Arooj Aftab [Pakistan]; Yunè Pinku [Colombia]; Kwiaty [Poland]; Polonia Disco [Poland]; Mdou Moctar [Nigeria]
  • T Tent: Dry Cleaning [UK]; Sofia Kourtesis [Peru/Germany]; Lex Amor [UK]; Duchy [Poland]; Róża [Poland]

SUNDAY (2022.08.07):

  • Perlage Main Stage: Central Cee [UK]; Metronomy [UK]; Bedoes [Poland]; Papa Dance plays „Poniżej krytyki” [Poland]
  • Forest Stage “Do you feel the climate?”: Waluś Kraksa Kryzys plays „MiłyMłodyCzłowiek” [Poland]; DJ Seinfeld [Sweden]; Yard Act [UK]; Shygirl [UK]; Kamil Hussein [Poland]
  • BUH Experimental Stage: Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul [Belgium]; Bolis Pupul [Belgium]; Asthma [Poland]; Crows [UK]; Keiyaa [USA]; Midsommar [Poland]
  • T Tent: Natalie Bergman [USA]; Amenra [Belgium]; Kamaal Williams [UK]; Dziarma [Poland]; Franek Warzywa i Młody Budda [Poland]

Furthermore, Dr. Martens Stage will host: Postman; Blokowisko, Youth Novels, Ewa Sad, Chair, Franek Warzywa i Młody Budda, Bałtyk, Jann and Bogdan Sękalski.

Iggy Pop [USA]

What is there to say about Iggy that we don’t already know? He’s the father of punk, rock’n’roll incarnate, a natural born performer — and at the same time a versatile and self-conscious artist. Whether it’s noisy guitar rock, French chansons, or rootsy blues, whether he’s in front of a jazz ensemble or singing over electronic beats, Iggy’s always in his element. OFF Festival audiences saw him perform with the legendary Stooges seven years ago. If you were there, you’ll never forget that show, and if you weren’t, you definitely regret it. This time around, Iggy’s coming to Katowice with his solo material — and he’s got quite a catalog to choose from. We’re proud to have him sing and dance again at the OFF Festival.

Central Cee [UK]

This London-based rapper launched himself right into second place on the UK’s album charts with his debut mixtape Wild West. Ecstatic critics hailed the birth of the new king of British drill. Central Cee has just followed through with his sophomore effort 23, featuring the hit “Obsessed With You.”

Metronomy [UK]

What better way to express our feelings as we prepare for the 2022 OFF Festival than with the title of Metronomy’s new single, “It’s Good to Be Back”? While the lyrics might be about a complicated relationship, not about a long-delayed gathering of friends at their favorite summer festival, the music is a perfect match for what we’re feeling today, and how we want to feel next summer in Katowice. “It’s Good to Be Back” comes from Joe Mount and company’s upcoming album, slated to drop in February 2022. Titled Small World, the LP is shaping up to contain the best qualities of Metronomy Forever and Love Letters, but with more sun and danceable energy. “Things Will Be Fine,” promises another track off the collective’s next release, and we’re inclined to believe them. Metronomy will be appearing at Three Pond Valley exactly 10 years after their previous OFF Festival performance. It’s almost hard to believe we’ve gone this long without seeing each other!

Mura Masa [UK]

Alexander Crossan was barely 20 years old when he released his debut record, and immediately landed a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. It’s no wonder: the British DJ and producer knows just how to get people out on the dancefloor, as testified by his solo recordings (with a third LP in the works) along with his remixes and production for other artists, from Ariana Grande to Stormzy, from Perfume Genius to Lady Gaga and Blackpink.

Bedoes [Poland]

“I’m an idol to many, but to myself, I’m trash,” is one of the few lines off of Rewolucja romantyczna that’s fit to be quoted in print, but it’s also an apt introduction to the thoroughly contradictory world of Borys Przybylski. The Bydgoszcz-based rapper combines street grime with lofty verses, laughing through tears and dousing his rage with lyricism. “All I can tell you is, keep fighting. You can have it all, and I’m an example.” And that’s true: at 24, Bedoes is one of the most popular rappers in Poland, as evidenced by his one diamond record, two platinum records, and one gold record.

Bikini Kill [USA]

“We’re Bikini Kill and we want Revolution Girl-style now!” The American band Bikini Kill introduced themselves to the world with these words on their debut EP, produced by Ian MacKaye of Fugazi fame and released in the fall of 1992. Their feminist breed of punk rock was a fresh and important voice in the macho rock world, lighting a spark that ignited a much greater and brighter flame. Kathleen Hanna and company blazed a path other bands soon followed. The Riot Grrrl movement might not have been a mass movement, nor did it break into the mainstream in its original take-no-prisoners form, but it gave inspiration to thousands of women across the globe. It pushed them to speak up instead of waiting to be called on. It encouraged them to choose the form and content of theirband own statements. Bikini Kill wasn’t around for too long—they didn’t even survive the decade—but you no serious discussion of 1990s indie rock in America is complete without at least a mention of the albums Pussy Whipped and Reject All American. Bikini Kill’s return to the stage is as much an artistic event as it is a social one: sadly, the band’s message remains as relevant as ever. We’re excited to hear “Rebel Girl” at full volume here at the OFF Festival.

Ghetts [UK]

Ghetts is increasingly recognised as one of the most vital, talented and enduring artists to emerge from the UK’s grime scene. Born Justin Clarke, the East Londoner combines razor sharp rhymes delivered with crystal clear diction, a healthy dose of humour, and creative, intelligent wordplay. In 2005, Ghetts – known back then as Ghetto – released his debut mixtape, 2000 & Life. Since then he’s gone on to release 5 further mixtapes, 3 studio albums, various blazing freestyles, and make countless guest appearances. His last album, 2018’s Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament, continued his artistic evolution and displayed a more mature, considered style; the record was widely praised and led to a prestigious Ivor Novello award nomination. Ghetts new album, Conflict Of Interest, is simply his most ambitious, fully realised project yet. The record – released in February 2021 – features Pa Salieu, Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Giggs, Dave, Skepta, Jaykae, Emeli Sandé, Wretch 32, Moonchild Sanelly and others, and has further solidified Ghetts’ status as one of the UK’s greatest rappers.

RIDE gra „Nowhere” [UK]

Music knows no boundaries either, it eludes lame words, because how can you describe a masterpiece, an album that helped define shoegaze and beyond, create a foundation for the rock revival of the 21st century and contemporary post-rock explorations. But it is not a monument, not a dusty museum exhibit, and although more time has passed since the premiere of the material – October 15, 1990 – than many offers live in this valley, everything still works here, invariably evokes emotions. Ride will play in Katowice “Nowhere” in full. We can not wait.

Alyona Alyona [Ukraine]

Not too long ago, Alyona Savranenko was working as a kindergarten teacher in rural Ukraine, haunted by self doubt and dark thoughts. Today, she’s an international hip-hop star and role model for many girls (and boys). “My tracks are about people who don’t believe in themselves and why they have to change that,” the rapper says. It all started with the homemade music video to her song “Ribki,” which she posted on YouTube in the fall of 2018, becoming an instant viral sensation. Half a year later, Alyona had a whole album under her belt: Pushka, hailed by many as one of the best debut LPs of 2019. She soon signed on with Def Jam’s Polish subsidiary, which released her follow-up album Galas in the spring of 2021, featuring a international roster of guest artists.

Yunè Pinku [Colombia]

Asha Yuné, who performs under the stage name Yunè Pinku, lives and works in London, and has roots that reach back to both Ireland and Malaysia. But her sound is anchored in 1990s dance, a genre whose heyday predates the 19-year-old’s time. Teenage anxiety mixes with artfully crafted melodies that are surefire dancefloor hits. Lo-fi pop aficionados will be more than satisfied.

Natalie Bergman [USA]

Natalie has found success on stage as one half of the duo Wild Belle (alongside her brother Elliot), but this is an album she had to make herself. Mercy, her debut LP released in the spring of 2020 on Third Man Records, is a farewell to her father who died in a car crash. After his death, Bergman holed herself away in a monastery in search of solace, and wound up finding the inspiration for this extraordinary music, which blends 1960s psychedelic pop with fervent hymns of worship. “Powerful enough to turn even the staunchest of atheists toward the light,” as one reviewer described it.

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